Time Travel Rescue: Escape from the 21st Century

23rd century Earth is dying. Two environmental activists travel through time to our century to stop the apathy and arrogance that set the devastation in motion. The adventure that follows includes murder and revelations about Man's most dangerous mistakes.


Book 1 in the Bud & Maggie Series. A heinous bad guy, a well-intentioned anti-hero with anger issues and a struggling wife. Bud ends up in jail but reconciles all with his own rules. His neat and tidy plan starts to fray with a jailhouse attack. Welcome to "Budland."

Killer Competition

Book 2 of the Bud & Maggie Series. Bud just wants to be a solid citizen, out of jail and back on the horse as a television news manager. But a psychotic photographer and a corrupt governor have different ideas for Bud and Maggie.

Bud & Maggie’s Secrets

Book 3 in the Bud & Maggie Series. Bud and Maggie Remmick have been through stresses and challenges in their 19 years of marriage. But the secrets they are keeping from each other might be their final undoing. Are Bud and Maggie's secrets the end of the line?

Liveshot: Journalistic Heroism in Philadelphia

The true story of the brave journalists who brought the 1985 MOVE confrontation in West Philadelphia to a live television audience on WCAU-TV.

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