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Budland Cover

A short and sweet introduction to Bud and Maggie Remmick. He’s a television news producer. She’s a meals-on-wheels manager. His sublimated anger, a problem since childhood, triggers a rage-filled attack on his heinous boss after he finds out he is blackmailing a fellow employee. The boss is killed. Bud goes to jail. He rationalizes his actions and is content to serve his time until his cellmate turns on him, his lawyer turns on him and his wife loses faith. Read more and purchase

Killer Competition
Killer Competition cover

Bud Remmick gets out of jail after serving a mere four years for the killing of his newsroom boss. Now he must rebuild a life with his wife Maggie who has stayed with him through the worst. Bud gets a job at his old television station in Philadelphia while Maggie gets a job in a county office for senior citizens in the Poconos. Bud finds himself tracking down a killer while Maggie fends off attempts by the corrupt governor of Pennsylvania to snatch away her job. Both have good friends who help them navigate the dangers and the killer competition of both the television news industry and corrupt politics.

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