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All deluxe editions are presented in case-laminate hardcover with a custom-designed dust jacket in heavy paper stock and, if desired, a custom inscription by the author. These editions are only available at this site.

Moon Rescue Deluxe Edition

Sequel to "Time Travel Rescue." After hiding on the Moon for 11 years, Rick is discovered and recruited to help save humanity.
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The 5,000 people living under a giant dome on the Moon are in trouble. A virulent plague has taken hold. Drug addiction is everywhere. A murderer is on the loose. Their paradise has become a cautionary tale of human weakness. Enter Rick, Mac and the Planetary Commission to save the Earth, the Moon and themselves.

Moon Rescue is a sequel to Time Travel Rescue, but also works as a stand-alone story. The deluxe edition is finished in case laminate hardcover with custom dust jacket and author's inscription available on request. Specify inscription in the space provided during checkout.

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