Still Here: Chris Wall’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

Still Here: Chris Wall’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

Nothing has stopped Chris Wall from making music during an eventful life dotted with supreme highs and devastating lows. Chris’s latest and most compelling music can be found under the name Recwall. It is guitar-driven, original rock music with a metal edge and dark overtones. The tunes stay with you, especially his cover of the Alanis Morrisette song Uninvited, a virtuoso performance which, like all his recent music, features Chris playing all the instruments and singing.

With a day job as an editor/director for CBS News, Chris splits work duties between home and the New York newsroom. The post-COVID reality of working from home has worked for him as it has for so many others. He creates all his music there.

“The only thing that gets a little rough is vocals,” he says. “My neighbors probably want to kill me. I have taken a little interface that I have into the car when I really want to balls-out sing.”

Looking back on almost becoming rock stars on the RCA record label, now 30 years ago, Chris admits he and his band weren’t ready for the big time.

“We were not ready for that life and I think that was pretty clear to the folks who were listening to us and judging us,” he recalls. “We made a really great sounding record and we could sometimes achieve that on stage, and sometimes we were just downright awful. A lot of disorganization, a lot of immaturity, guys who just weren’t ready to work.”

Like many artists, Chris has drawn inspiration from the dark times in his life. He’s experienced career disappointments, divorce, depression and addiction and, like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank, has come out clean on the other side.

“It’s been an amazing outlet. I get to make angry music for the times I’m really angry and sad music. It’s my therapy.”

Today, Chris is all about Recwall, his musical trademark covering a prolific output of new songs just in the past two years. While he has recruited new, human musicians for a band, Recwall music is all Chris, his guitar and his computer. Watch our chat and hear Chris’s music on Type. Tune. Tint. Video. below.

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