Consider the new hardback editions, along with other formats!

There’s nothing like the feeling of holding a traditional, hardcover book to enhance your reading experience. The hardback editions are beautifully crafted. The cover art is laminated directly onto the smooth, matte cover material creating a pleasing sensation to the touch. These sturdy books promise a lifetime of reading satisfaction and durability.  All titles except Liveshot are available in hardcover.

All titles are available as ebook instant downloads, readable on all devices using the free Kindle Reader app. All titles are also available in paperback editions, perfect-bound books with cream or white pages with black print and a vivid, glossy cover.

In addition to the above formats, novels are also available as audiobooks, downloaded from Audible or Amazon to any device. Audiobooks allow you to enjoy a story as read to you by a talented actor, right in your car, your den, or stealthily during yet another ZOOM meeting!

Select your desired format on each book’s Amazon purchase page, and thanks for your business.