Miles to go before I eat: Foodigenous!

Miles to go before I eat: Foodigenous!

Writing and food might just be the most heavenly combination a blogger could concoct. That’s exactly what Adam Horvath does in his blog, website and social media pages called Foodigenous (food-IDGE-enous), a culinary adventure to foreign lands like Philadelphia, Elmira, East Hampton and even Newark. With a background in the food industry and a day job as a CFO, Adam’s blog is a passion project. His experiences not only recount amazing food but the amazing places where the food lives. And there are the people, the inventors of things like a pizza made with American cheese and a clam chowder pie to make you weep.

Adam Horvath researches the gourmet sandwiches at the Fanwood Larder, Fanwood, NJ

“I’m the combination of my grandmother’s chicken paprikash and Indiana Jones movies,” he says. “If you read my blogs, I try and shoehorn as much pop culture in as possible. I started writing more when I went to college. I wrote for my college newspaper and I started writing short stories. I also started writing scripts but, like, little tiny short films. Came up during that era of Kevin Smith. He’s a Jersey guy, so I’m like, yeah, maybe that’s a possibility. My college internship was for Robert DeNiro, Tribeca Film Productions, and I was the first-ever accountant intern. I just did it to get in, meet people and write, you know. Maybe that was my in.”

Our chat on the Type. Tune. Tint. podcast reminds you of a backyard conversation that wanders aimlessly but always returns to that intoxicating combination of food and writing. Here you go:

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