Lights & Sirens

Lights & Sirens

Griffin Ambrose finds out the hard way that it’s never too late to grow up. 

He is living a stressful life as a news manager at a New York television station and a volunteer EMT in his small New Jersey town. The two worlds make for full days and nights for the 62-year-old whose volunteer ethic is strong. Becoming an EMT was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up after moving to the town of Forston.

His EMS partner, a Croatian immigrant named Mira Novak, tolerates his sometimes-foggy behavior because she recognizes his skills and admires his compassion. But she is becoming increasingly concerned as is Allie.

Griffin is at the helm of an unthinkable disaster while driving the ambulance and his life stops in its tracks. The women in his life pick him, but for how long?

Lights and Sirens is a work in progress. Look for it in the fall of 2023. By then, I hope I’ll figure out how it will end.

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