Killer Competition

Killer Competition composite image

Two years out of prison and trying to reinvent himself, Bud Remmick just wants to be a solid citizen. He volunteers as an EMT then gets a job in his old career, TV news. But after only a week, he discovers bad things swirling around him including a psychotic photographer who has been creating news stories and selling them to Bud’s station for years. Bud is suddenly knee-deep in scandal and a murder investigation.

Meanwhile, Bud’s wife Maggie, now a respected government executive serving the elderly, is in danger of losing her job at the hands of the corrupt governor of Pennsylvania who thinks Bud should never have gotten out of jail. Bud’s old “anger aura” lights up and the same feelings that led him to prison resurface. Both Maggie and Bud find allies in strong co-workers who believe in them. Ultimately, everyone gets what they deserve, but can Bud control the dark instincts that led him to kill once before?

“The dialogue in this fast-paced thriller crackles with authenticity, and Kranz captures the manic energy of a newsroom just as easily as he unravels the desperate mind of a would-be killer.” – Self-Publishing Review

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