Budland composite image

Jail didn’t sound so bad to Bud Remmick, a small price to pay for erasing an abusive, blackmailing sociopath from the face of the earth. But the plan to ride out a lenient sentence starts to fall apart when prison life turns on him. Bud faces a reckoning with a lifelong dysfunction that plays out behind bars. His long-suffering wife begins to doubt her loyalty. Bud’s lawyer abandons him. His cellmate attacks him and suddenly, the tidy rules of Budland are no longer in play.

Bud’s ultimate support comes from unexpected places, rooted in his past as a journalist. His inner struggle to measure good against evil continues right up to the very end, when he finally walks out of prison to an uncertain future.

“…a well-rounded novel, in turns harrowing, heartfelt, and amusing, all of which Kranz deftly balances throughout this compelling story.” – Self-Publishing Review

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