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For your reading and listening pleasure, with a little help from my friends

TK leans on elbow

I’m pleased to present this collection of books, blogs and reviews of independent authors’ work, including myself. My own collection is the end product of a love of writing that goes back to high school. I self-publish my books because trolling for an agent is time-consuming, frustrating and, for most writers with visions of wide distribution, an exercise in futility.

Each of my books was obsessed over for months or years and is the product of actual thought and a story-telling process. “Budland” and “Killer Competition” kind of go together. “Time Travel Rescue” is a fun tale of two centuries struggling with climate devastation. “Liveshot” is the true story of my former TV station’s coverage of the 1985 MOVE confrontation, a disaster that left 11 people dead and a city block burned to the ground. All but “Liveshot” are available as ebooks, audiobooks or paperbacks. “Liveshot” is available as an ebook or paperback.

Please look over my books with an open mind, then buy one, or all, on Amazon. And please, tell a few thousand of your friends. Thanks for reading and be well in 2021. Please sign up for my email updates. Your info isn’t sold or given to anyone else.

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